Sunday, February 11, 2018


Picture this: It's Friday night; the five days of slaving over school, work & bullshit has finally come to an end, but then you realize F***, I have nothing to wear tonight! I know at least 80% of my readers are either currently in college or just graduated and still go out every weekend. So, I can only imagine you've all been in that situation where it's an hour before everyone wants to order the uber and you legit are freaking out because you can't find an outfit. Stay calm & take a shot, I am here to help you.

I want to start this new series on my blog called "The Look for Less". Again, I know most of you are broke college students (like me) so, obviously we can't afford the top designers. Everytime I see a cute top or pair of jeans on Instagram and realize they are over $100 my heart gets crushed. I am doing the dirty work for all of us by fishing out "The Look for Less".

  1. I love how unique and on trend all of the items are & they are never not having a sale!!
  2. - Guys, if you didn't know there's a HUGE difference between F21 in stores and F21 online. Forever 21 in the mall is always picked over and you can never find your size. Forever 21 Online is a whole different world, there are always a bunch of sizes and they also have online only exclusives that are to die for. I will never. stop. loving. F21.
  3. - Missguided is another one of those sites that is ALWAYS having a sale. Their new arrivals are a bit pricey, but they get new stuff in almost every day so whatever you had your eye on last week will most likely be on sale before you know it!
  4.  - I recently discovered this site and OMG. Their prices are super affordable and their items are so chic, you really can't go wrong here ladies!
  5. - ASOS has high-end and affordable items. I could spend all day on their site!! There is so much to choose from.

Now, here are the top 5 outfits I have been loving this week on Instagram & where to buy the looks for less!


BOTTOMS: - Hard to tell what kind of pants she's wearing, but I love these! - so similar!
SUNNIES: - only $15.00

TOP: - Get the original on ! The one I found is half the price. 
BOOTIES: - Get the original on
BELT: - Okay, let's chat about The Gucci Belt. I DO NOT support leather / would never be able to afford a belt that price. This is just a similar style that I love.

TOP: - the original

TOP: - Hers is $40 from and the one I linked is $18
BAG: The original is from and out of stock!
PANTS: - Her's are from and almost out of stock!
BOOTIES: - The originals are from and almost gone!


TOP: - or go make your own lol
PANTS: & - Hers are from I AM GIA

 Aren't all of these items so similar? Let me know what you end up buying! I can't wait to keep adding to this series.

xx Emily 

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