Saturday, August 18, 2018


Well, summer is almost over and we all know what that means, BACK TO SCHOOL! Most of my followers are still in school so I thought this post would be helpful. In the fall (well, more like in two weeks) I will be going back to school as well, YAY! Though the college I will be attending is still unknown, I am super excited and I will keep you guys posted. My favorite thing about back to school has always been getting new clothes. During the school year, I am all about staying comfortable but still looking cute; "comfy-cute". Even if you're not in school I hope you find this post helpful for creating your fall wardrobe. 

FIRST DAY VIBES: I'm all about the warm tones for fall. Leopard print, plaid, and big belts are only some of the trends I'm loving. Why not look super trendy on your first day?

1. Tan Grid Pint Mini Skirt - $19.90 
2. White Trainers - $25.00
3. Wicker Belt - $16.00

LATE TO CLASS: Idk about you but I am a pretty last minute person which means 99% of the time I'm running late. These pieces are super comfy and easy to put on and go, no one will know you slept in lol.
1. Cropped Pullover - $15.90
2. Leopard Slides - $25.00
3. High Waisted Jeans - $32.90
4. Cat Eye Sunnies - $5.90
5. Clear Book Bag - $98.00

LET'S GO OUT: It's Friday and you've made it through the week! That means getting drunk with your girlies is in the books and so are these hot items.  

1. Leopard Cowl Cami - $15.00
2. Coin Necklace - $4.90
3. Frayed Denim Skirt - $17.43
4. White Heels - $28.99 
5. Chain Belt - $26.00  

Fall is one of my favorite seasons so I get ready for even more posts!

xx Emily