Sunday, September 2, 2018


Hey Dolls, I'm back! I'm actually so proud of myself for sticking with posting every Sunday. I start school tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. After my orientation today I walked around Providence to familiarize myself with the area, it's so beautiful! Being surrounded by individuals with the same mindset and interests as you is so motivating and inspiring. I can't wait to hopefully make Providence my new home instead of commuting every day. Get ready for many new Instagram posts in Providence, lol. I'm assuming if you're not going back to school this Fall, you are either starting a new job or continuing your current one. Though every workplace has their own specific dress code, I thought it would be helpful to share some inspiration for your benefit. Warm tones, plaid and animal prints are some of my favorite trends this season, I tried to incorporate them in a subtle way, hope you enjoy. 

1. Sweater Wrap Top - $24.99 - I love simple tops like this.

2. High Waisted Wide Leg Pants - $24.90 - I just bought these pants the other day at the mall and they honestly fit PERFECTLY.

3. Faux Leather Ankle Boots - $34.90 - You can't go wrong with a pair black booties. Work & bar appropriate!


1. Mauve Blazer - $37.00 - This color is a dream. Buying this now.

2. Side Tie Snake Print Top - $45.00 - I can't stay away from the animal print. This top would look good with or without the mauve blazer.

3. Faux Leather Black High Waisted Shorts - $35.00 - I saw a pair of these in Zara a couple months ago and they were $50.00, these are only $35.00!!


1. White Tote Bag - $47.00 - I have been searching for a new tote bag, I think we found a winner.

2. Striped Knot Front Shirt Dress - $37.00 - This knotted shirt dress trend is everywhere right now, I'm loving this effortless chic look for the workplace.

3. White Backless Mules - $22.99 - Such a steal for a wardrobe essential.

This week is gonna be super busy for me but I still plan on posting next Sunday. If you don't have work or school tomorrow have a fun day off and be sure to have a productive rest of your week!

xx Emily

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