Sunday, September 9, 2018


It's Sunday which means a new blog post!! Idk about you guys, but this past week has been pretty exhausting. Starting at a new school and commuting into the city has been quite the experience for me. I may have mentioned this in my last post but, being in the city with other hard working individuals is such an amazing feeling. For once, I feel like I belong somewhere and I'm actually headed in the right direction. Tomorrow I have an early class at 9:00 am so today I decided to chill and watch the Steelers game with the family (I didn't really watch though lol). These photos below were taken today while I was grabbing a coffee at Main Street Coffee in East Greenwhich! If you are ever looking for a place to get school work done, meet up with a friend or even enjoy a yummy esspresso martini (in the bar next door), I highly reccomend!


Click on the item you like below to shop:

1. SNAKE PRINT TOP - This top is SUPER affordable and can be worn on many occasions, don't pass it up!

2. LIGHT PINK BLAZER - I bought this the other day and I'm so glad I did. Light pink is one of my favorite transition colors paired with neutrals!

3. HIGH WAISTED JEANS - I usually buy cheap H&M denim but I've heard so many great things about these jeans so I decided to give 'em a shot. If you are looking for high quality denim that will last and not rip, get a pair of these!

4. CLEAR TORTISE SHELL BAG - Turned in my old summer basket bag for this aborable clear one! Such a statement at an affordable price.

5. WHITE HEELS - I wear these to the club & to get coffee lol, BUY THEM.

6. GOLD COIN NECKLACES - Everyone always messages me about these necklaces thinking they are some expensive desinger but you know me, they're a steal under $5.00.

I haven't done an OOTD post in a while so let me know if you'd like me to keep them up! I'm also interested in switching up my feed for the fall, do you like the filter I used in these pics?

Have a good week babes,

xoxo Emily

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