“What am I doing with my life?”

This straightforward yet daunting question lingered my thoughts as I was scrolling through countless ads on Facebook in my Parisian themed bedroom, avoiding my community college homework. My pink Eiffel tower lantern caught my eye as it was gently swaying back and forth from the ceiling. Visions of my childhood dreams appeared all around me. Peeking through my cluttered closet was an old collage of magazine clippings I created with my best friend in 8th grade. The word “dream” was sloppily glued to the top of the poster board next to a picture of the globe, below it were  letters cut- out to spell the word “fashion.” Seeing these clippings and images brought me back to my 8th grade mindset.

Memories of the time I was enrolled in a fashion design camp at RISD started flowing in. I remember learning how to pattern make, create my own brand and sketch out designs, I swear that camp gave me a sense of belonging. I felt like I found my people. We all seemed to be visual introverts who spoke our mind with our artistic abilities, not our voices. Growing up I played soccer, attempted dance lessons and joined the cheer team, but I was always the one benched on the sidelines, the one forgetting the next move in the choreography, or saying the wrong words in the cheer. After completing that summer camp I really did feel like I could finally win and succeed at something I was passionate about.

I graduated highschool in 2013, but that almost didn't happen. School has never been my cup of tea, but creating was.
I was in love with feeling of being my own boss, transforming my own ideas into something I was proud of and inspiring the people who don’t think beyond their reality. It was that summer night in 2016 amongst my nostalgic wonderland of a bedroom when I realized what I wanted to do with my life.

That week, I began to make my 8th grade self proud. Staying up until sunrise learning Html, understanding the purpose of SEO, slaving away all day and night trying to perfect my own vision. The Rose Doll.

xx Emily Rosdahl

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