Monday, November 20, 2017

Falling for Fall

Hey Dolls!

So, I'm gonna be real with you guys, recently I have had no desire / inspiration to post on my blog. For the past two weeks I have been job searching and trying to get my life together (it's been rough). But, I have finally secured two retail positions and I am so relived! Now that I feel like I have some sort of direction in my life I have gotten the motivation to do what i'm most passionate about. Today i'm sharing with you this ADORABLE look I am so obsessed with.

This is honestly one of the easiest looks to pull together last minute. You could swap out my bell sleeve sweater and flared out jeans for a regular pair of denim and any basic sweater you have and still achieve the same look. The secret to this outfit is my faux suede hat. They are formally called "Cabby Hats" and a lot of people call them "Conductor Hats" too (lol). They sell them everywhere now!! I got mine from for such a steal! The links to the items I wore in this photo will be listed below:
Faux Suede Cabby Hat:
Bell Sleeve Sweater:
Flared Denim:
Pink Bag: Got mine at Tj-Maxx but, here's a similar one:
Booties: Got mine at Old Navy a while ago so here's similar ones:
I hope you guys liked this post(: I'm so glad I found the determination to get back into blogging. Talk to you babes soon!!

xx Emily

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Transitioning into Fall

Hey Dolls!

Fall is here so naturally, I have to share with you some outfit inspiration. Since the weather has been getting cooler I have been layering more. My favorite fall transition pieces at the moment are boyfriend blazers, denim jackets and cozy sweaters. 

Blazer: similar style 
Bodysuit: similar style
Jeans: I purchased mine at TJmaxx for $20.00 but, here's an online link:
Shoes: similar style 

Booties: similar ones on

What do you guys think of my current faves? Let me know and stay tuned for more posts coming soon. 

xx Emily

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

End Of Summer Blues

Hey Dolls!

It's crazy how fast this summer flew by. It feels like just yesterday was June 1st, the day I moved to Newport. Sadly, that day has come and gone and now it's September! I have spent this past summer working 50+ hours a week while still trying to enjoy the Newport nightlife and post regularly on my blog (such a struggle). Though I am sad to say this will be my last summer post, I am excited for the many fall posts to come.

Jeans: Got mine at TjMaxx but you can also get them at
Necklace:  There's a bunch on
Shoes: Similar style on

Matching Set:



I hope you enjoy all of these outfits! FYI, all of the website links bring you directly to the item itself so it makes it super easy for you guys to shop (:

Talk to you soon,
xx Emily

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Two "Big Girl Job" Dresses

After studying my blog statistics and learning who my audience is, it's clear that most of you are women in your 20's. Which means, a good handful of you have "Big Girl" jobs and have graduated college. This post is dedicated to you ladies specifically, who need help finding business casual, well put together looks for your jobs. It's probably difficult to throw away your college going-out clothes and replace them with cute conservative work wear so, I'm here to help.

I have recently come across a store in Garden City called FatFace. Their clothing is very well made and their pieces are perfect for someone who's trying to make themselves more presentable.

While browsing their store I came across these two dresses that I just LOVED and could see any independent women wearing with a confident smile.

1. This first dress is such a great Summer to Fall transition item. Chambray is so versatile and looks great on everyone. I love slipping this dress on when I'm on the go or running late, you really can't go wrong. Though it wasn't sunny the day I took these photos, I sure did get a lot of compliments on my floppy hat!

Dress: FatFace
Hat: FatFace
Sandals: Similar Style

2. This next dress is striped so obviously I'm obsessed. The longer cut of this dress makes it appropriate for all occasions and gives off the "I have my life figured out" vibe LOL. Also, the knit sweater I paired with it is the coziest thing ever!

Dress: FatFace
Cardigan: FatFace

FatFace in Garden City is super awesome and offering $10 off & a free canvas tote to anyone who spends $50 and mentions my post! Orders can also be made by calling 401-432-6755. Make sure you check out @fatface_gardencity on Instagram and for more looks! I hope this post was helpful for some of you working gals!! Talk to you soon.

xoxo Emily 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

3 Reasons Why I Became A Vegan.

Hey Dolls,

If you cannot already tell from the title of this blog post, today I am going to share with you the 3 reasons why became a Vegan. I get a lot of messages and crazy looks from people asking how and why I decided to switch to this lifestyle so, I decided to write a whole post about it.

Around this time last year, I made the decision to stop eating dairy, meat, fish, eggs, honey and like everything that comes from an animal. Also, I decided to stop purchasing leather, suede, fur, silk etc. Basically, I switched my diet and lifestyle completely around. I used to eat cheese 24/7, devour burgers all the time, order chicken on my burrito bowls from Chipotle and not think twice about it. You are probably wondering how does one stop eating cheese???? I thought the same thing too until my eyes were opened to a whole new perspective.

1. My Health
About a year ago, there was no direction or structure in my daily routine. I didn't feel like I was living for anything. I wasn't putting any effort in school, I was focused on negative energy and I genuinely did not like the way my future looked. You could say during this time I had a bad relationship with food as well. I would eat constantly late at night knowing I felt full but, I would continue to keep eating anyway. I would wake up really late in the day and did not fully digest the food until days later. I soon found out the reason why I wasn't digesting food properly was because I was eating too many animal products which take days to digest. Meatdairy and eggs are known to cause obesity, cancer, heart disease and other health issues. I did not feel good about myself and eating this way and it took a toll on my well being.  For a while I had no idea what to do, I felt stuck and trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle. I knew things needed to change. Once I found out what Veganism was there was no turing back. Switching to this plant based diet has helped my digestion, mental health and all around happiness. People who stop eating dairy, meat and eggs also experience clearer skin, more energy throughout the day and weight loss. There is NOTHING bad to say about this way of living.

2. The Animals
For as long as I can remember I have always cared for animals. My chocolate lab named Marley is my world, I have an obsession with Elephants and a place in my heart for all animals on earth (even snakes lol). With that being said, animals are all living beings with feelings and a heart so why do we eat them? Why should I eat a mass produced innocent cow when I can eat a yummy Vegan burger that tastes 10x better? Idk about you but I feel so much better knowing I'm not participating in killing, raping and slaughtering a momma cow just so I can use her meat in my cheeseburger & drink her milk that was made for her baby cow.

3. The Environment
Our environment is slowly dying because of the way we treat it. If I'm saving water for our planet by not eating meat then I never want to touch meat again. The amount of pollution that goes into our planet from the meat industry is ridiculous. If more people went Vegan we could all be happy.

I hope this post inspires someone to try out Veganism. I know for me, this is one of the best life choices I've made so far. If you have ANY curiosity at all to be vegan just give a try. I love receiving DM's from you guys, feel free to message me with any questions you may have. I plan to post more about my Vegan lifestyle in the future so, stay tuned.

xx Emily

Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Favorite 2017 Swimwear Trend

Hey Dolls,

Since Summer has officially started, I thought i'd share with you my favorite bikini style at the moment.

High Waisted/ Cut Bikinis are everywhere right now. Though it's not the best style to tan in, it sure looks adorable and for that reason i'm still going to buy about 50 more this summer. The one pictured below is from My favorite part about this suit is the peachy blush color, it makes you look really tan even if you're not. Another bonus is that it's super comfortable and you'll be sure to get a ton of compliments on it. Shop GG also has a bunch of other amazing high quality bikinis that you need to check out as well. Be sure to use my coupon code EMILY15 for 15% off at checkout.

Here are a few more that are on my wish list right now! Just click the website or photo to purchase (:

1.  Nude Choker Bikini Set -

2.  Knotted Bralette High Cut Bikini Set -

3.  Textured High Leg Bandeau Bikini Set -

4.  Bardot Choker Striped Set -

5.  Maui One Piece -

I hope you find this post helpful for your Summer bikini shopping. Next week I am going to post something a little more personal so, stay tuned.

xx Emily

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Newport Summer Style

Hey Dolls,

If you didn't know already, I moved! I will now be taking most of my blog pictures in Newport, RI. I have been here for almost a month now and I love it. Being surrounded by gorgeous water, beautiful views and amazing bars is the recipe for one of the best summers ever. I will reside here for the next year and can't wait to take you along on my journey. 

Since living here, I have been able to wear some of my more daring summer looks. One of my recent favorites comes from Its a two piece striped set with an adorable strapless top paired with what looks like a skirt but, it's actually shorts... I know, so innovative right? Whats great about this number is you can mix and match the top and bottoms with other items in your closet which I'm all about. If you love this combo as much as I do, check out and use my code EMILY15 for 15% off of your order.  

For longer dresses and skirts I usually like to be elevated with heels. These lace-up heels were a staple in my summer wardrobe last year. I got them from  but they don't sell them anymore so I linked similar ones which are even cuter. 

I usually get all of my sunglasses from Marshalls or TJmaxx since I am always losing or breaking mine and can't risk damaging an expensive pair. Also, this summer I am still rocking chokers and I don't see them leaving my wardrobe any time soon. 

If you are visiting Newport this summer and want to know some of my favorite places let me know because I'd love to make a blog post all about it. These next couple of months I hope to really bring my blog to life and focus on what truly makes me happy. 

Talk to you babes soon,
xx Emily